Nursing can be an excellent career choice! Preparing for this exciting field by exploring nursing first hand and preparing for your success in nursing education, will help move you toward your goals.

Helping you grow as a nurse!

The mission of GROW Nurses is to reduce health disparity in Grant County through a community-wide partnership to encourage and assist local, diverse individuals to become nurses and nurse educators. 

GROW Nurses will lead with excellence a community initiative to eliminate barriers to nursing education in Grant County, Indiana. This vision is powered by innovation and community partnerships and will serve as an exemplar which can be replicated in other communities. This vision is accomplished by:
  1. Inspiring talent in Grant County to enter nursing, targeting under-represented populations.
  2. Creating an articulation program and socializing students to grow nurses from Health Careers to LPN to ASN to BSN and beyond.
  3. Recruiting, developing and mentoring faculty.
  4. Shaping response to current and future needs of healthcare providers in Grant County through practice innovations and partnerships.
  5. Transparency and open communication among partners moving toward a shared vision.
  6. Rapid communication of ideas to generate further sharing and creativity toward this vision. Communication will focus on diverse publications through local and practice venues.